Yep, this is a healthy eating recipe!

As a recovering binge eater yo-yo dieter and diet pill addict, I know that these things don’t work for long term weight loss…but this is what does,,,

So many people tell me they can’t lose weight because they can’t workout due to injury or time. Did you know 80% of weight loss comes from your nutrition? That’s the truth. And 20% comes from your fitness. You are going to tone and build muscle a lot more with fitness. It is going to help your cardiovascular health. It is so important. I am not saying it is not important. And I don’t think the scale is the end-all-be-all. But there is a healthy weight range for a lot of people.

And in order to get that healthy weight?range?80% of what you do and how you are going to get there is going to be on nutrition not on being on a diet, not on crash dieting or taking pills or wrapping yourself in?cellophane?but on what you actually put in your mouth. And it doesn’t need to be salad and kale 24/7. It is not about starving yourself. I will tell you that all of my meal plans are very, very filling and they are whole food based. So that means that there is not a lot of processed foods. You are not going to be drinking a ton of diet coke just because it is zero calories. It is going to be based on whole filling foods that keep you full throughout the day, fuel your body properly.?And I like to say: “Don’t count your calories make your calories count.”

So even if you can’t workout, because you don’t have the time or you are injured or you are recovering from something, you can still?loose?weight, a lot of weight, based on your nutrition because 80% of your weight loss is going to come from your nutrition.

And the plan that I use is extremely flexible. It is based on normal portion control. AND up to 3 times a week, you can have things like chocolate, chips, wine, beer, and you can build those things in and not be cheating and not feel deprived and still lose weight. Isn’t having chips or wine, or chocolate 3 times a week a lot better for you than going on a binge? I would say so.

Do not let an injury hold you back! You CAN do this!