I am so excited about our Full Bloom Bootcamp 🌼 This month is all about being intentional! How can we set goals, plan our days most efficiently and make time to find the joy in our life? We will go over all of those topics and more in the next 30 days and I am so happy you are here to BLOOM with us! Here’s what you can expect:

🌼 Mondays are for living to our full potential.

🌼 On Tuesdays, we will share a weekly challenge to try something new!

🌼 Wednesdays are for water, and all the tips to get the hydration we need to grow.

🌼 On Thursday, we talk positivity and growth!

🌼 Fridays are for food, food, SOULFUL food!

🌼 Summer Strong Saturdays will go over workout benefits.

🌼 And finally, Sundays! Sharing the bright and gloomy moments of our week and reflecting on how we grew through them all!

So often, working out is advertised as a means to an end – weight loss. Get that “bikini body”, fit into your summer clothes, shed the winter 15… but working out has benefits much deeper and more valuable than losing pounds. This month is about finding that deeper, more concrete purpose in your life and BLOOMING into your best self (maybe finding that summer bod along the way!)

I an the first to admit that I don’t have my ‘pre-baby body back’ but guess what I will never be ‘pre-baby’ again, I am forever post baby and while I am not be the perfect weight to shape my society standards, I CAN live my best and healthiest life in this body. It took me a LONG time to get here but I truly believe that.

I am an open book for any questions you have and am so excited to chat more! Want to bloom? Fill out my info form and let’s chat.