We?ve all heard of all these fad detoxes going around, right? I don?t know about you?but not eating for three days is not my thing. That?s why I love the 3-Day Refresh so much!

3-Day Refresh is a scientifically formulated program to help kick-start your healthy eating. It gives you a clean break from any bad habits, and will even jump start weight loss. And the best part, you don?t have to starve yourself.

I think we all know that feeling you get when you haven?t stayed on track with our clean eating. We feel bloated and experience indigestion. We feel tired, but not not be sleeping well, and our skin might even be breaking out. Poor nutrition can disrupt so much of the good we try to do for our bodies!

Trying to go on a water fast, tea detox, or cleanse is not only really hard to do?especially if you?re really trying to cut out bad habits. Going from eating whatever you want, to nothing is difficult. The cravings can be intense,and you?re thinking about everything you can?t eat, and your body is nutritionally lacking at the same time. Thankfully, Beachbody recognized this, ?and they launched the 3-Day Refresh, a new cleanse that cleanses your body as it provides optimal nutrition.

It is unlike liquid or juice fasts that are low in protein and high in sugar, which tend to leave people feeling sluggish, hungry, and weak. The program is easy to follow and it provides nourishment to your vital organs while supporting your metabolism, and helping you knock out those bad habits.

Here are the answers to clients? most common questions:

Q: ?Why should I do the 3-Day Refresh?

A: ?3-Day Refresh is perfect for those who:

  • occasionally indulge
  • want to lose that last bit of weight,
  • used to eat healthy but fell off the wagon,
  • want to start following a healthy lifestyle for the first time,
  • want to drop a few pounds in time for a special event,
  • want to break bad eating habits,
  • want to jump start weight loss and healthy habits before starting a new fitness program

3-Day Refresh is the perfect solution to getting back on track nutritionally.

3dayrefresheatingschedule-e1404392536612Q: ?What sets 3-Day Refresh apart from other cleanses?

A: ?Most cleanses offer short-term cleansing and incomplete nutrition that simply promote muscle loss rather than fat loss. This may cause a rebound effect as a result of inadequate protein, high sugar levels and low fiber. Beachbody is committed to results, in a healthy way, rather than revenue, and that?s why, instead of paying $200+?a juice cleanse, you pay only $70?for the Complete 3-Day Refresh Kit, which offers superior nutritional value.

Also, this cleanse allows you to eat real food! The supplements that come with this program (Vanilla Fresh and Fiber Sweep) are specifically formulated to keep your body running at it?s best by providing you with protein, fiber and nutrients. So many other cleanses just deprive your body of everything for the duration.

Q: ?How will I feel after 3-Day Refresh?

A: You will feel clean, energized, lighter, and your cravings will be gone. ?It will get rid of any bloating, and you should sleep better.

Q: ?What will I eat during the 3-Day Refresh?

3-Day Refresh consists of 3 superfood packed Shakeology shakes a day, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and plenty of filtered water. ?Here?s what your diet will look like:

Breakfast: ??Shakeology? shake and a fruit.

Mid-Morning: ?Fiber Sweep drink.

Lunch: ?Vanilla Fresh shake with fruit, veggies and healthy fats. This can be spread over the afternoon.

Dinner: ?Vanilla Fresh shake with your choice of dinner from a list of great options.

You can enjoy tea twice daily, and as much water as you?d like. We recommend you consume at least half your bodyweight in ounces per day.

Q: ?What can I expect during the 3-Day Refresh?

A: ?Although the 3-Day Refresh is a low-calorie program, it offers a great selection of high protein and fiber fruits and vegetables to keep you satisfied all day long.

If you don?t already follow a high-fiber diet, we recommend that you start by enjoying large salads and more fresh veggies during the week leading up to your 3-Day Refresh. ?You may feel gassy or bloated, which shows that your diet needs more fiber, but you can choose from the provided list of ?low gas-producing? options. Didn?t they think of everything?

Q: ?When should I do the ?3-Day Refresh?

A: You can do it any time you feel the need to recharge or reset. Some people choose to do it once a month to keep their bodies healthy and their habits in check. Others do it before starting a new fitness program, to give themselves a jump start. Some people like to do it before an event, to drop those last few pounds so they?re feeling their best.

Q: ?What?s in the ?3-Day Refresh pack?


  • 3 packets of Shakeology (your choice of the 6 flavors, but we recommend Tropical Strawberry Vegan or Chocolate Vegan as plant proteins digest more easily)
  • 6 packets Vanilla Fresh high protein shake
  • 3 packets Fiber Sweep
  • 1 program guide

Q: ?How do I get started?

A: ?When you?re ready to recharge or reset, get in touch with me to set you up on the ?3-Day Refresh or you can purchase here! I am offering the refresh FREE when you purchase a month of Shakeology for a limited time only. Or you can purchase the Refresh alone for $70. You can contact me a FitResQ@gmail.com with questions.

And who doesn’t love seeing real results, check out me and my friends personal results below: