It’s good to be unique and not?like anyone else.

I talked to a lot of people every day about starting a new business, about starting their health journey. I hear excuses ALL the time even when people tell me their commitment is a 10/10

-I can?t do that because I?m a mom and she?s not a mom

I can?t do that because I have a 100 pounds to lose and she only has 80 pounds to lose

-I can?t do that because I work full time and she doesn?t work full time.

You have to write your own story and it?s good no one else is like you! I?m not saying you can?t find someone to relate to and someone you feel like you could share a story with BUT you don’t want to be like everyone else. You want to have your own story in your business in fitness. You don?t need someone just like you to prove to you that you can do this. You have to be the one to prove to yourself that you can do this. That you can reach your health and fitness goals, that you can reach your business goals.

Stop looking for someone just like you because guess what? There?s no one just like you .You?re the only one like yourself and if you keep searching for similarities with other people and looking for the exact carbon copy of yourself that has been successful either in fitness or in business you?re not going to find him/her.

You?should be unique, you should write your own story. What if I said…

-I am 60pounds over weight, so I can never do this

-I am a binge eater, I can never do this

-I?m a diet pill addict, so I can never do this

-I work full time, so I can never do this

-I am an animal rescuer and I give a lot of time, effort and money to nonprofit dog rescue, so I could never do this

Where would I be? I would just be giving myself excuses, I would still be over weight, I would still be unhappy, I would still be unhealthy and I wouldn?t have been able to build a six figure business while I still work for full time. I work full time, have a 9 to 5 job at a fortune 10 company and I?ve build this business from the ground up as my own boss because you know what? Everyone needs a plan B.

Stop looking for other people, start looking inside yourself and see what you have to offer because I guarantee it is amazing.

Look inside yourself