So what happens if I join your team?

I was getting a new coach started today and she was SO nervous about being on her own! We have so many amazing groups for that. Like you could just join one of our team’s groups and add your people to it and participate and have fun!

On top of having support groups, I have created a step-by-step 21 lesson training on how I build my business to a 6-figure business in less than an hour a day. I work a?full-time?9 to 5 that I enjoy. And I have built this?business?on the side in?power?pockets and in power hours after work on the weekends. I worked hard. There is no guarantee of success or income. It depended on your skill and your time and what you put into this business of course.?But, I have created this?training?that helps you build the business the same way that I build the business in your spare time.

The vast majority of my team works?full-time. They have families. They have children. They have spouses. They have?the stuff?to do that isn’t totally business related. And I totally get that. So, we work together on how to fit this into your?schedule?and reach your health and fitness goals, reach your financial goals, and build this amazing business. You don’t need to?set up?any of your own groups. You don’t need to do this on your own. You have a team of 300+ people there for you helping you to do the same exact thing that they are doing. We share everything that you are never, ever, ever on your own. So please don’t feel like that.

So, I just want to come on here and say that because I feel like it is a common misconception that you sign up and then you have no support, but it is just not like that… I am sorry my dogs are wrestling in the hallway. But it is just not like that.

So, if you guys have any questions please reach out to me. I would love to chat with you. And, I don’t want anyone to think that they sign up with me and they never hear from me again because I will be there with you every step?of?the way. You want a run with this business, I will run with you. You want a jog, I will jog with you. You want to walk, I will walk with you. You just want a discount, that’s cool too. Whatever you want to do it is totally up to you.