Health and Pregnancy: Why I Threw Away My Scale

I am a health and fitness coach and what I do is I help people lose weight, get in shape, get healthy, feel good. It?s not about getting skinny for me, it?s about getting fit. I don?t do wraps, I don?t took pills, I don?t do crash diets.

So great thing about that is that I can continue what I do throughout my pregnancy as long as I feel good. I?m not a doctor and you should definitely listen to the advice of your doctor when coming up with a health and fitness routine for you while you?re pregnant or after you?ve had a baby. Whatever it is that that stage of pre-partum or postpartum life. For me my doctor midwife both told me that I could do whatever I was doing before I was pregnant as long as I was comfortable. So that meant like if I?m not running marathons don?t start now.

I?ve been very lucky I was not sick my first trimester. I was extremely tired and it was very hard to get going and they actually told me no caffeine. My first trimester it was hard to start a workout but then once I did it I felt like so much better. I did a lot of Pilates and yoga my first trimester. Because I felt like it was low impact and helped me a lot.

The only thing I?m finding uncomfortable at this point is bouncing because I feel like I might pee myself #keepingitreal. I?m still up like 30 pounds this pregnancy. I am still eating healthy, I?ve added about 300 calories which is about what I need. I?m having extra eggs or extra protein or extra fruit.

Both my doctor and my midwife approved shakeology for pregnancy and for me it was really important to know that I was drinking something that was healthy for pregnant women.?Every doctor and midwife is different so be sure to consult them.

I had to throw away my scale because I felt like my old habits were coming back. I was a binge eater, I was a diet pill addict and I used to weigh myself incessantly and that?s what was starting to happen again at the beginning of the pregnancy. I talked my to my midwife about it. And she was like “Listen I?m going to be honest with you, I?m not concerned with your weight gain but I don?t want you to fall into those old habits. And what the reality is that whether you gain 1 pound or 20 pounds you?re not going to be happy so throw away the scale”

If you have struggled with your weight like I have, I totally understand where you?re coming from. Try to get off the scale and go with how you?re feeling and just continue to eat healthy and workout as your body allows you to, right. Do things your body allows you to, don?t kill yourself, don?t go overboard just take it easy. So for me like I said I have continued my health and fitness journey because it is not about weight loss. It’s about feeling good, being healthy, getting to a point we were comfortable in your own skin, being able to go outside and run and jog and play with your kids or your dogs or your husband and not be uncomfortable.

I could use this as an excuse to let go, eat whatever I want and not work out. That?s not me, that?s not what I want for my baby. Don’t judge yourself on the scale, you got this!

Throw it away!