I hear from people all the time that ‘Healthy Eating is Hard’.

I was thinking about that because it’s become easier for me but no heck no it is not easy. And if it was easy America wouldn’t have an Obesity Academic. I think like over 50% of Americans are considered obese, not just overweight but actually obese. Did you know that?

It is not easy because the food that we are like given most the time is not healthy. We are given all sorts of different things that aren’t necessarily good for us but we eat them because they are put in front of us or they are quick, or they are easy, or they are cheap. Today I made a totally clean buffalo chicken casserole. It was amazing. It is paleo. It is gluten-free. It is grain free. It was seriously awesome.

But we over complicate things. We think that we have to make like these big elaborate meals if they are going to be healthy but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it is just about getting a little better. My healthy eating plan this week has buffalo wings. You can make things that taste delicious and are good for you. Think about just doing a little bit better. You don’t have to go from eating McDonald’s every day to eating vegetables and chicken. There is a happy medium. You don’t have to go from 0 to 60. You can meet in the middle and it took me a long time to get where. I would go from eating McDonald’s every single meal and drinking diet coke the second I got up. I went from that to eating like totally clean or eating keto or eating low carb or eating whatever. It never worked because I could never stick with it. I had to make gradual changes to get where I am today which is the lifestyle and not a diet because diets only work until they don’t.

You can make some small changes before you make big changes. Because if nothing changes, nothing changes. But when you make like these huge changes sometimes it is really, really hard to stick to and that’s not people’s reality.

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Gradual Changes