Hey there Beachbody coaches, and anyone else who is rocking a network marketing business! Today we’re going to talk about how to come up with Content for our social media platforms.

As fitness and wellness coaches, we don’t want to spam people. I don’t post generic fliers, with my link, buy here. (You know what kind of stuff I’m talking about).The best ways to figure out how to come up with content are to ask yourself “Why am I in this business?”. For me, its because: ?I want to get to know people. I want to help them. I actually don’t even give out my link publicly. I only give it out to someone to purchase something AFTER I have spoke to them. I want to understand their needs and get them the right product and program for them, as individuals. Saying “Here’s my website, have at it” isn’t the best way to build a relationship. My goal is to help my customers be successful. I am not in this business so that people buy things and aren’t successful. If a customer doesn’t want a coach, of course the can go it on their own, but what I have found is that most people want a coach because the WANT the help. Which is excellent for me, because I WANT to help them.

Coming up with content is easy. Just be yourself!

Coming up with content is easy. Just be yourself!

The question is then, how do I know then know what my specific market wants to hear about? Here are some tips:

  • Come up with 3 to 5 things about yourself that you want to share.
  • Remember that “Your vibe attracts your tribe”.
  • Put our content on social media that is real so that you can find genuine things in common with your target audience.
  • Don’t forget about Personal Development and share what speaks to you and what you’ve learned.

For more specific details coming up with genuine, authentic and meaningful content, check out the rest of my video here:?https://www.facebook.com/FitResQ/videos/450943881769450/