I seriously just don’t understand this, why do people hold themselves back on their Journey?

Being on health and fitness journey and being on a business journey can actually help you when times get tough.

I talk to a lot of people and they will always say to me like:?”I stopped working out or I stop eating healthy because?xyz?happened because something took me down.” And I am not saying that you are not going to have crap happen in your life. You are always going to have crap happen in your life. There is always going to be something. There is always going to be something holding you back. There is always going to be something to try to tear you down. There is NEVER a good time. I can be a 100% confident in that. But I know that when times get tough, throwing yourself into something else as a distraction can really, really, really help you. And it is not selfish to do that.

When I had my accident last year and I was sitting in a hospital for over a month with nothing to do having this business and a fitness journey to be on helped me feel HUMAN.

It doesn’t need to be high pressure. But it can be something for you. I just don’t understand when people use these things that happen in their lives as an excuse to not move themselves forward because I guarantee if you made the decision to move your fitness, to move your health, to move your business forward, it would help you recover from whatever you are going through too.

I know a lot of people appreciated on social media that I openly share my accident and my story and my recovery and the tough times and the easier times and I know that I helped a ton of other trauma survivors and I feel amazing about that. But selfishly I also helped myself. Sometimes getting it off your chest kind of sharing with the world is really therapeutic for you. So don’t hold those things back. Know that there are other people out there that can benefit from you sharing your story and there are other people out there that are going through something the same or similar that you are going through and you can really, really help them.

So, I am begging you DON’T LET THESE LITTLE THINGS that happen in your life hold you back. Don’t let them hold you back from your dreams. Don’t say “you know I just can’t do this right now because of xyz.” Like I said, there is always going to be an?xyz. There is never going to be a good time.

I hope it empowers you to go towards your dreams and not just sit around and be?stagnated?and let something hold you back.


You got this!