So you guys know I share a lot of fitness tips on this page, healthy eating, clean eating, working out – all about fitness and nutrition. But I also try to share business tips; because, I also am an entrepreneur and a business women and I love helping others.

I am coming to you today to talk to you about the invite – which is something that a lot of people are either scared off or they do a really spammy job of. They are just like “hey babe, I have been thinking about you. I think you would be great for this opportunity”. No. That is not how you invite someone to join you. That is called selling, that is called spamming, but that is not called inviting.

So, in the health and fitness business that I am in, we invite people to join us on our journey. We share what we are doing, we share our results, we share people we have helped to results and we invite other people to join us along this journey. We talked to them. We form a relationship – have you heard of FORM (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message)? We get to know them and we talk to them about the options. I run group for people that are ready to commit to a program. And I also totally free groups for people that are like: “You know what? I am just gonna do my own thing for a little bit. I don’t wanna program. I just need some accountability”. So it is really important to make sure that you are adding value to these people, that you have something to invite them to.

So, if you are inviting them to the business opportunity or you are inviting them to a clean eating group, or you are inviting them to a workout group, you are inviting them to walk on water challenge. Be really really specific and make sure what you are inviting them to applies to them, right? If you are doing a women’s only challenge, don’t reach out to a bunch of men. If you are doing a men’s only challenge, don’t reach out to a bunch of women. If you are doing an inch loss challenge, don’t reach out to people looking to bulk up.

So, I think it is really important that you start instead of thinking of selling or spamming that you think about inviting, and messaging, and sharing, and getting to know people, and seeing if what you are even offering is a good fit for them, right? I think that’s the most important.

Anyone who has talked to me will probably tell you that I asked them a million questions. I am always like: “You know what are your goals? What have you tried? What you are currently doing? What do you like for workouts? What do you like for eating plans? What has worked for you in the past?” And then we go from there. I ask like a thousands questions because, it is not about me, right? It is about the person who I am trying to help. Don’t make the invite about you. Don’t call them, “babe” or “hun” all the time, right? Invite them like a person. Understand what their needs are and ask them question so you can better get to know them and fit them up with the right product, if there is a right product for them.

You guys will notice that I never just post a link to buy stuff; because, I don’t want people going on my website and buying the wrong product for them. I want them to buy the right product because I want them to be successful. if they didn’t need a coach, like just go on my website and buy whatever they wanted, right? But I am here to help them, I am here to guide them, I am here to help them pick a program that is going to work for them and I want them to succeed. I don’t just wanna sell them something and walk away which is why I have these groups where I help and hold people accountable.

So, I hope that in your business you will think about the solution that your product brings because, first you have a solution and then you have a business, right? Never have a business without solving a problem. THEN?invite people to solve that problem. See if this is the problem they are having and see if your product can help them.

So, I hope this was helpful. For more tips and how to run your online business, you can checkout and you can feel free to share this out.

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