?”Isn’t Beachbody a PYRAMID SCHEME?” “Network marketing is just kinda SLEAZY.” Have you ever heard that from a friend or family member or maybe you even thought it yourself before learning more about it? Truth is? that’s what I thought when I was thinking about joining as a coach, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Wanna know why???

1) Coaches earn ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH when a coach joins our team. Even if TONS of people sign up, we get nothing. Coaches earn money only when their team is successful. I earn more only when I help one of my coaches succeed in this biz! I’m no ones boss… but I’m one of your mentors.2) I have to carry absolutely ZERO inventory. I never buy anything to distribute, Beachbody does all of the shipping for me. I don’t have a garage full of P90X and ZERO meetings where people feel pressured to purchase something on the spot.

3) There is absolutely ZERO quota. Some sign as a coach JUST for the 25% discount. Think of it as your Costco membership for health & fitness!

4) I earn more money than thousands of people who joined WAY before me. Your success has nothing to do with when you “get in” or some “ground floor” opportunity. It has everything to do with what YOU decide to do. Yes, it takes work, but I pick the schedule.

So why is it socially acceptable to invest HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to open up a restaurant or launch a brick & mortar business, but becoming a Beachbody Coach maybe makes you think twice??

Wanna guess what my investment was in this business? Getting healthy!! That’s it! I now earn MORE money using a smart phone and my MacBook from home than I EVER did with my safe 2% raise per year office job. My only “RISK” is improving my own health. Guess what I would lose if I stopped? Nothing. Zero. And no $250k loan to pay the bank back on! This is 100% different than the business model above.

I’m a coach because these products SAVE and CHANGE peoples’ lives. They changed mine, so I endorse these products just like I would my favorite restaurant or bank that gives me good service.

Pyramid scheme? You mean the shape of EVERY corporation in America? Think about it… who’s at the top of your company?! In a company aren’t there few at the top making big bucks, a bunch of middle managers, and a lot at the bottom. Don’t let some old info or preconceived notion keep you for realizing your dreams.

This business has changed my life forever. I have FREEDOM to do what I want, WHEN I WANT. My “Fridays at the office” happen in shorts and flip flops working from my deck. It’s so good to be the boss of ME!!

If you would like to learn more about what coaching is all about, and how you can also be your own boss and be part of my team, then shoot me a message or email me at fitresq@gmail.com and let’s chat!