Who wants to join me for my FIRST EVER Health and Fitness Pilot Group?

So, a lot of you may know that as a health and fitness coach, we have this thing called Coach Test Groups. And basically before a program launches, we launch programs 2-3 times a year, there is a very select group of coaches that get to try out the program before it launches. And so like 2 to 3 months before it launches, these coaches try out the program. They fully commit to the fitness as well the?nutrition?which is so important; because, a lot of your results are gonna come from your nutrition. You can’t out run a bad diet, right? And they show the rest of the network and our customers that this program works or this program doesn’t work. But for the most part you know they show people that the program works.

When you are chosen for a test group, it is definitely a perk and it is an honor and it is something that people that extremely seriously. They stick to the program. They stick to the nutrition. They document their journey so they take their before pictures. They take their progress pictures. They let everyone know what it is that they are doing.

And I was actually chosen for this next program launch as a part of theTest Group. And I think my husband thought I won a lottery when I got the email that I was chosen; because, I literally jumped off the couch in excitement. I do not know the exact formula for being chosen for a Test Group and I am sure that a lot of coaches would love to know the exact formula. But it is basically proving your commitment to the product, showing that you are a leader, getting great results and proving that you can help others is what I can see kinda get to you in the Test Group but it is not something you can apply for it. It is not something that you have to have a certain amount of points to qualify for something like that. It is someone sees something in you and feels like you would be a great Test Group participant. So when you are chosen it gives you kinda the?warm and fuzzies. You think “Oh my God! Someone saw in me that I can make a difference”.

And when these Test Groups get great results, they share that with the entire network. The network share that with their customers and it can have a RIPPLE EFFECT on how a successful a program is and how many people we can help with that program.

A?lot of you know that I was hit by a car walking in a cross walk on August 10th and that was less than a week after I was chosen for this program for the Test Group. And I obviously was not able to complete the program; because, I was wheelchair bound. I spent about a month in the hospital and I am just learning to walk again and I am now working out again.

I have been able to start the program and my results are AMAZING! I want to recreate the test group environment and invite you to JOIN my first ever pilot group and fully commit to the program and get results before New Years! Want to join? Email me FitResQ@gmail.com

Just ONE week later, these are my results

Just ONE week later, these are my results

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