Why Do I Keep Raising the Bar? Setting my expectations, higher and higher.

Why do you keep striving for more? Like why would I bother? I have a full time job that I enjoy. I have a 6-figure Beachbody income, why would I bother to keep pushing forward and helping so many people? I could totally just sit back and relax and like let things roll, right?

I truly feel like I have a duty and an obligation to help others. So, when I enroll someone on my team, I am not just like “Here you go, have at it and have fun.” All the stuff that I compile about my social media, about how to grow a business, about how to do this while I work full time, I have a very special system with literally a little check boxes for what I do during what I call my power hour. Why would I compile all this stuff if I didn’t want to share it? And the answer is I wouldn’t. I share this with my entire team every single day.

People?that sign up with me and on my team will tell you that… that’s a question all the time, “Well, will I get trained?” Honey, you will get trained and you will probably tell me, “Oh my God! Jillian this is way too much information for me. You are giving me TOO MUCH information.” I give you the most important things. I give you how to do your power hour, the 4 vital behaviors, so what to do every single to grow your business. How to reach your first promotion. How to hit success club which is helping 3 people a month which is really a bare minimum to move your business forward. I really feel as though if I sat back and relaxed and sort of like… you know said “You know I have been a top 200 coach out of 400,000 coaches for 2 years and I am good.” If I sat back and relax then rest of my team will kind of do that too because we know: “The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack.”?And truthfully an elite coach, a top 200 coach, is not like “Oh well, Jillian sold the most Shakelogy.” That is not at all what it is based on. It is 100% based on my team and what my team does and their ability to duplicate. So really being a top 200 coach is more like calling us a top 200 team because I couldn’t. It would be impossible to be a top 200 coach alone. It is about team helping the most people.

How?I am going to get them to help the most people? I am going to train them. I am going to share my heart with them. I am going to make sure that they have the tools to duplicate what I have done in building this 6 figure coaching business in less than 3 years. And if I stop doing that, if I stop like giving them these tools and pushing forward and pushing towards my goals, then they are going to stop too. Then less people are going to be helped. Then more people are going to be looking for solution to their health and fitness and we are not going to be able to be there to provide it. And that is what really like gets me and keeps me going and why I truly do this because I have a strong desire to help people.

So, we are winding down to the end of May and I know a lot of people are getting ready for summer break, And I just want to let you guys know that my new coach internship where all of my secrets are?revealed?starts June 5th and I have a limited number of spots. Do you want one of those spots? Do you want to be your own boss and create your own future. You are the reason I keep Raising the Bar!


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