I want to come to you today because I am actually sitting in my kitchen and I was doing my meal prep for the week. And I have had a lot of people who ask me how I do my meal prep and about what I am gonna be doing from my meal planning for Core De Force? And I think what I am gonna be doing is definitely sharing what my meal plan looks like but I wanna to share with you what the actual Core De Force Meal plan looks like.

So, if you have done any of our BeachBody program such as 21-Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme,?Master’s Hammer and Chisel, 22 Minute Hard Crops or Country Heat drop a 1 into the comments and let me know that you have tried one of our programs before.

So, basically the Core De Force meal prep?is going to be based on the container portion?control?system. So, it is about putting whole foods in normal portion so that you eat the right amount and you eat whole food.

It is not about low calorie. It is not about low fat. It is not about low carb. It is about a balanced diet in the right portions. So you get a bunch of different containers one for veggies, one for fruit, one for?protein, one for carbs and YES, you ?can have bread, rice, pasta, it is allowed in normal size portions. One for healthy fats which is like?avocado, cheese,?hummus. And then one for things like dressing, seeds, oils and nuts.

So, what you can do is you can either like if you are making a big salad you can kinda like scoop a bunch of veggie into the salad using the container. Or you can fill it with carrots and grab and go; because, it has a cover and it is like a normal?tupperware.

So, the Core De Force Meal Plan is going to be based on these containers. And you get a certain amount based on a?calculation of your weight and your lifestyle like how?sedentary?vs. active you are. I think you are gonna find yourself very, very full because it is whole food. We don’t do fake stuff, even if it is low calorie things like diet soda, really processed food; it is just not about that. It is about whole, filling?foods.

So, if you would like to not be one of the statistics in America where you gain between 10-15 pounds?between?Halloween and New Year, drop a 2 into the comments. I wanna know who those people are who are concentrating on their health and fitness through the holidays. That is so so so important, right? We don’t wanna be those statistics and we wanna help you not be those statistics.

So, what’s cool about the Core De Force Meal plan is that there are some benefits and some down fall. So if you have done 21 Day Fix you know you got built in treats. So you can replace one of your containers up to 3 times a week with these treats such as wine, chocolate and chips and it is not consider cheating. So, that is a huge benefit in 21 Day Fix meal plan.?Core De Force doesn’t have this built in treat so it is gonna be 4 weeks of sticking to your meal plan without those built-in treats. But you do get extra containers vs. something like 21 Day Fix or 22 minute Hardcore,?Hammer and Chisel,?or Country Heat.

Here is my Week 3 Meal Plan:

My Week 3 Meal Plan for Plan A

My Week 3 Meal Plan for Plan A

Want to see about these extra containers and see what they look like, check it out here: