Let’s Your My Fridge! How I make grocery shopping easy, inexpensive and simple! I have had a lot of questions about what I eat. And I wanted to give you guys a quick fridge tour because I did the majority of my meal prep yesterday. So, everything is kind of like ready to go for the most part for the week.?S Just as I head up we really eat mostly out of the fridge. The only things that we don’t eat – that’s not refrigerated – are nuts and our superfoods. So our Shakeology is not refrigerated.

Here are my staples for the week:


-Fruit, apples, oranges and pineapple this week

-Avocados or Wholly Guacamole if the avocados don’t look that good

-Oikos Triple Zero, no sugar, no fat and no artificial sweetener

-Pickles…because I am pregnant lol

-Egg Muffins that I made so I can grab and go

-Rotisserie Chicken with the skin removed and separated into white and dark meat

-Prepped lunches with a meat, veggie and potato

-Almond Milk

-Veggies to roast

if you guys have any questions about how I do this stuff here is the full tour. It is not hard. Say it took us like maybe an hour to prep all that. My husband grilled the pork and I made the green beans and the zoodles for the pasta surprise. Basically, what it means is like whatever protein I have, whatever veggie I have, whatever sauce I have, gets them together and baked and then I have it for the week. We also keep frozen veggies and meats just in case we need to dig into that stuff through the week.

Here is a tour of the fridge itself: