It’s like walking, but sideways!

Today I’m going to talk to you about a brand new program that beach body is launching called Country Heat. And you’re probably like, what the heck is Country Heat, what does that even mean? Beachbody?is like an intense workout program why are they branching in to country music? Country heat is a super easy country line dancing program that is going to help you lose five to fifteen pounds in just thirty days okay, thirty minutes a day, six days a week super easy moves It’s like walking but sideways right, it’s super easy even for those that can’t dance, I have two left feet,last summer we launched the program called Cize, which was like a dance based program to hip hop based and I was terrible at it, I did it I got good results but I was horrible and Cize is a little bit more difficult because they broke it down move by move and they play
the same song the whole time and at the end you put all the moves together and do the dance which of you have no experience in choreography which I don’t I was the girl you know upside down, in my tutu on the beam and had no idea what I was doing, but if you have no dance skills ?like me that was hard. I?
mean it was difficult, I did it, I like the program, I had fun with it, I was smiling, but it was hard to put the full routine together.

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