It’s like walking but sideways. Who is ready for a DIFFERENT kind of workout?! Like completely out there? You’ll still get a sweat on and you will still lose the pounds! (like 8-15 pounds people! In just 4 weeks!) Then put your Nikes in the closet and dust off your cowboy boots. If you can walk, you can Country Heat.?

Our newest workout program has launches! COUNTRY HEAT will combine clean eating and line dancing to get you some kick butt results! I have 10 spots available in my Exclusive Test Group that I will be running alongside a Country Heat Certified Coach and Fitness Professional <3ch

From one of the Test Group Participants (Allie Darr, pictured bottom center):

“I totaled up all the hours I spent over the 30 days actually working out and it totaled 16.5 hours, over the span of 30 days. Not too shabby right! 16.5 out of 720 hours!!!!

My loss was 13 lbs and 13.5 inches!!!!

Everything has changed, my body, my mind, my emotional being, my confidence, the way I treat myself and my family. Its a whole lifestyle change and I cannot wait to see your whole life change during these 4 weeks you spend with me doing this!!!

PS if legs are your area that you can never lose or tone, this program targets them like no other!!!”

But what will I eat? This program follows the portion container program and it’s SUPER simple. You simply have color coded containers for each food group and you get a certain amount of each container and group. The food is WHOLESOME and filling and even includes wine, chip and chocolate up to 3 times a week! ?If it fits you can enjoy it! Check out this TOTALLY ON PLAN Chipotle Bowl:


Want all of the details and to get all your questions answered, check out my video with the 411: