Seriously, do those little containers I talk about all the time scare you?

I have been using the portion fixed containers for 3 years now. And I love them. They get amazing results for me.?But I understand 100% that some people are just intimated by the portion fix containers. It is a lot of thinking what you are going to eat and I have definitely meal plans based on your calculation; because, you get a calculation A, B, C, or D depending on your activity level, your current weight, your gender etc.

We JUST launched?a brand new program called YouV2 (You Version 2) and it is a 30-minute SUPER LOW impact dance based program that is just a fun, and inviting, and it is not all about like scary before and after and really strict crazy meal plans. It is just about having fun, dancing, getting up and moving. It is perfect for

  • Beginners – people who have never done fitness in their life
  • People that have done fitness maybe are coming back from pregnancy or injury
  • People that just want something low key, right?

It doesn’t need to be like super serious. And I know that sometimes Beach Body has that reputation like P90x, Insanity, 21 day fix. And people like “I don’t want to pick up weights. I just want to have fun. I just want to get moving. I don’t know how to do that. Someone help me.” This is your solution.?And it doesn’t use the portion fixed meal plan which I will tell you for the past 3 years almost every program launch has used it.

Basically what it does is it changes one thing about your eating habits every single week. So, for 4-weeks you are changing 1 small thing which can lead you to huge changes over time, right? So the first week, you are just adding Shakelogy as a meal replacement. The second week, you are picking from a breakfast. The third week, you are picking from a lunch.?And it just goes like that and then you don’t have to think about your containers. You don’t have to count them. And I love the containers. I will tell you it is like the easiest meal plan I have personally ever used and I have seen insane, insane results from it. But I completely understand they are not everyone. NOT EVERY PROGRAM fitness wise or nutrition wise is one-size fits all and that is why we are offering this solution.

For those people think of us as just like an intense workout company, we have put on a lot of lower impact programs but this is by far the best solution I have seen for people that are intimated by starting a program in general, by health and fitness in general, by moving in general or they say like, “I don’t have time because my family or whatever…” Involve your family; make them your reason not just excuse, right? And with a Kidifier (modifier who is a kid)?you have no?excuse. Your kids can do with you. You Got this!

Those scary containers!