I did not fail because I did not give up. Even if it meant doing a full body cleanse. I pressed reset

It never gets easier sharing these pictures. I slid backwards during the strike. I was working out but my nutrition was not good (see video in the comments to see what our break room looked like). Honestly a healthy lifestyle is 80% eating plan and 20% working out. And this is proved time and time again.

I’ll be honest with you guys. The first week I was tired and HANGRY. My poor husband took the brunt of it. After week 1 I felt better, more energetic and way less hungry, my sugar cravings were way down. Week 2 I powered through and then week 3 hit. Totally vegan diet with no grains. I thought I might die. And while it was hard, I didn’t die. Truthfully I wasn’t hungry at all. It was much more of a mental challenge for me.

I really wanted to lose ‘at least 10 lbs’ which I did not do but I REFUSE to define myself by a scale. I mean hello even my belly button changed! 7 lbs in 3 weeks is a very sustainable weight loss. I always tell you guys we don’t do crash diets, pills or wraps. This a lifestyle change. And in this case there were no hardcore workouts, just very light yoga and walking.

Some people come out of the reset and love it so much they want to be vegan. That’s not me. I will tell you that I do plan to limit dairy and I feel like it really effects my digestion and energy.

Would you guys be interested in a live Q and A where I touched on the good, bad and the ugly and answered all of your questions? OR want to join my in my next challenge? Details are coming soon!