How do I made the Boob Juice?

What no one tells you about postpartum life is how HARD breastfeeding is. It is HARD work. it is time consuming and often difficult for new moms and babies to get in a groove. I have struggled a lot with getting a good latch and my daughter getting enough from me. About 5 weeks into her life we figured out she has a double lip and tongue tie which we had revised but in the mean time I had resorted to pumping almost exclusively because breastfeeding was so unpleasant for her and she wasn’t getting enough.

Pumping often does not make you produce as much milk as breastfeeding as the babies often pull more milk, quicker than the pump can. My supply was pretty low and now I am almost making enough not to supplement. So what are some things I have done to get my supply up? Well I have tried it all but here is a Top 10 list of what worked for me:

  1. A postnatal and as a bonus this one omits the need for Vitamin D drops for babe. It has helped regular my hormones too as an added bonus. This is my FAVE
  2. Encapsulating my placenta. Definitely find someone local to you. I used Birch Moon Mama?
  3. HYDRATION is super key but lots of those hydrating drinks are full of sugar and crap. This is my FAVORITE hydration supplement and it’s totally CLEAN!
  4. MORE hydration, coconut water and coconut milk is great. To get the benefits without sugar and artificial sweeter try Bai. It’s amazing and not loaded with crap
  5. Pumping in the car saves time and allows me to pump more often, I used Freemies?with a ?car adapter and it was a LIFESAVER
  6. EAT and not a bunch of empty calories but eating clean with calories that will fuel you is KEY
  7. Power Pumping at least 1x a day yes it takes a while but it helps a TON. You pump 20 mins, take a 10 min break, pump 10 mins,?take a 10 min break, pump 10 mins.
  8. Pumping 6-8x a day, ideally every 3 hours. This signals to your body that you need MORE milk to feed your baby. Middle of the night pumps are great but don’t kill yourself
  9. Pumping with your child in your lap and even better while you feed them! Touching your baby helps increase milk supply
  10. DON’T STRESS! Do the best you can, if you get stressed out that does not help your supply

There are tons of other things you can try such as ?Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek but I have found the combo of supplements above PLUS the special ways to pump have helped me a ton. I product 3-5oz a pump and probably about 6-8oz in the morning pump.

If you have questions definitely check with your doctor and HANG IN THERE. It’s WAY harder than people think!

Multitasking 🙂