A lot of people asked me about meal prep. Since?I showed you all what my First Week Meal Plan looks like, I figured it was a good time to show you how I prep for it. I do plan things out but I am not as perfect with my meal planning as I wish that I was. So what I mean by that is some people on Sundays or Mondays, or whatever days they want make every single meal for the week and have it like ready to go in little containers.

I make sure I all my food for the week. So, I go to my fridge and I say like what do I have and what do I do not have that I need for the week. But I do not make every single meal. I just don’t have time to make every single meal in one sitting, especially, on Sundays.

But I know that I need to properly plan so that I have some prepared food ready to go; because, if I get hungry, I get something called Hangry. Hangry is Hungry+Angry. So, if you are so hungry you get angry. And that’s when I start eating food that is not good for me.

I am a carboholic junky. And I am not talking about good carbs. I think that carbs are very important, especially, when you are working out. But you do not need to be eating donuts and cake and cookies and chips every single day, right? Because it is just not necessary.

So, I make sure that I have preparation for the week so that I can grab. You know good for me food that fits in my meal. So I am gonna take you guys over to my fridge!

Want to see what my fridge looks like?