Let’s make MEAL PREP EASY!

80% of your weight loss and your goals?is?going to come from your nutrition and 20% is going to come from your exercise. So exercise is definitely important, great for cardiovascular health, really important for staying healthy but the actual weight loss is going to come from what you eat. You can’t outrun a bad diet. And I don’t like to use the word “diet” I like to use the word “nutrition” because I really concentrate on whole healthy foods that fuel your body vs. diet foods.

All those posts?with like those perfect containers and and show this is what I am eating every single meal that is SO not me. I like to prep buffet style. Basically means that I prep a bunch of healthy food and have it ready to go but I don’t portion out everything ahead of time because I enjoy having options,

We shop at BJ’s which is like?Costco?or Sam’s club.?We get protein, fruits and veggies we can prep easy. Every week we get:

-Rotisserie Chicen to remove the skin and separate out

-2 veggies of our choice to roast

-Bags of salad




-Sweet Potatoes

We also choose to use Hello Fresh Meal Delivery which helps us vary our meals during the week, you can try your first week for $20 (normally $60) if you want, just click here

Don’t be overwhelmed by meal prepping, just start small, start having some things in your fridge that you can grab and go that you know are healthy. When you are shopping stay on the fresh food aisles, stay away from the stuff that’s in bags and boxes?because?that grab and go stuff tends to be worse for you. When I need something super quick, I grab my superfoods. I am also a big fan of RX bars?which are like 4 ingredient grab and go bars and those are great. I keep them in my purse all the time!

You CAN make this work for you!

You Got This!!!