For a LONG time I was off track in my health and fitness. I had fallen into mediocre eating habits and getting on the elliptical for 30 minutes, I was making zero progress. I wasn’t sure how to get started. It wasn’t until I was introduced?to better eating, cleaner eating, meal planning, and at home workouts that KICKED my gym workouts @$$ that I saw something change! I also LOVED the support of other ladies in my shoes and feeling the same fears, struggles, successes that I was.

I honestly never thought that at age 32, would be the best year for me and getting fit! I thought that was for my 20’s and after that it was an even worse battle. I won’t say its been extremely easy, but its been EASY to STAY in this lifestyle once I decided to commit. But it took that commitment and doing something DIFFERENT from what I had done previously to help me realize that’s what was going to create change. Something that wasn’t going to have me yo yo dieting and up and down on the scale constantly. Something that was going to be CONSISTENT and a FOREVER for me. I want you to have that too, if its something that you’ve been WANTING but just haven’t done yet. Let me help!

Right now I’m planning my next challenge group, where the ladies will be doing at home workout programs that fit their busy schedule and individual goals, as well as meal plans that take the guessing out of it, and replacing a meal or snack a day!

We begin JANUARY 5…It’s CREEPING and I’m EXCITED because there are so many ladies ready to put in the work NOW to have the spring body they are PROUD of!

I’m offering LOTS of goodies right now…And that begins with the following:
If you purchase a month of Shakeology you’ll get either:
1. 3 DAY REFRESH FREE – this has been my go to option when I have an event coming up or just need to get back on track from the Holidays and cut bloat. It’s quick and effective and has helped so many lose between 2-5 lbs in just a few days, and its FREE!!!
2. THE 21 DAY FIX FREE! – this was the program that helped me understand portion control, allowed me to see what I needed to eat more of and what I was eating too much of, and comes with a DVD package, nutritional guide, color coded containers and a program schedule!

If you think that 2015 is YOUR YEAR, then I’m ready to help MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Mission Fit Possible