Motivation is GARBAGE

People say things like: “Man, I really wish I had your motivation to eat healthy and workout.” I am going to tell you motivation is garbage.

It is not about motivation. it is about choosing your hard. Because it is hard to get out and workout. It is hard to eat healthy. But it is also hard to not get up and move. And it is also hard to eat not well, and then not feel good. I know that I am not going to feel good if I don’t get up and do something. And I am not going to feel good if I sit around eating McDonald’s all day. I chose my hard. And while it is hard to get up and workout and while it is hard to eat?healthy, it is really important to me.

And I am a testament to someone who healthy lifestyle has become so much more than skinny jeans. You know I had my accident and being fit saved my life and allowed me the ability to walk again and live a normal life. And now being fit has allowed me to really have a healthy pregnancy. I am not saying that everyone who is healthy is going to be as lucky as me and have such a great pregnancy but I am going to tell you that it has not hurt. Being so healthy and staying so fit and eating healthy throughout my pregnancy has definitely helped.

It is not about motivation. It is about choosing your hard. It is about keeping going. I can help all of my clients. I can provide you with the tools and the resources that you need to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. But the motivation and the desire and the hardness that you pick has to come from here. I have these private accountability groups where people can check in every day. We have tons of meal plans. We do fun little challenges. We give away prizes. We do all sorts of things in there. And, in the end, it is really up to the person to use the tools and find the inner desire to be better. I can provide everything, but I can’t motivate you. You have to be one to have the desire and motivate yourself.

I will tell you this was not my lifestyle growing up. I grow up extremely?overweight. I was 200 pounds when I graduated from high school at 17 years old. I am 5’4 that’s large for 17 years old at 5’4. I was that girl in gym class that used to pretend she was sick when we had to run the mile, I couldn’t even walk a mile!

And now you see me get up 6-7 days a week and complete a 30-minute workout no fail even if I am in a wheelchair, even if I am 40 weeks pregnant because that is so important to me and I know how important being fit and health is for a long sustainable life.

I encourage you to think about WHY you want to be healthy and use that to FUEL you and MOTIVATE you! You got this!

What is your WHY?