Have you heard the expression ‘Muscle Burns Fat’ or ‘ Muscle Weighs More Than Fat’ ? Both of them are TRUE and both of them are the reasons you get results with weight lifting programs. I am excited to chat with you about MBF!

What is MBF??

Well it stands for Muscle Burns Fat so you will be using cardio and strength training workouts for maximum results. It is TWO- 3 Week programs to progress you and get maximum results with just 25-40-minute workouts
Light, medium, heavy dumbbells
BOD Rope (included with purchase)
Check out these results and learn more about the program?

How does the Nutrition plan work?

The meal planning system will help you eat the right stuff, in right amounts for YOUR body! This is not a diet or quick-fix, I?ve tried all those and we know they don?t work!?Included you get access to BOTH nutrition courses Ultimate Portion Fix or 2B Mindset. Ultimate Portion Fix is a bit more structured and 2B Mindset focuses more on intuitive?eating and learning what works for you with ZERO counting. Try one or both or a combo!?

How do I Access the Workouts?You can access the workouts from any internet enabled device like iPhone, Droid, computer, smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, FireStick etc. If you are going to be somewhere without internet you can download up to 7 workouts to your phone so you don’t even need the internet!
You get access to EVERY single one of our programs (1000s of workouts) from the original P90X and Insanity to 21 Day Fix to our Yoga Studio?+ BRAND NEW Barre Blend!?

So, what else do you get?

  1. Coaching: from ME including my Fit Tip Friday weekly emails and a private accountability group
  2. Workouts: Access to our all of our workouts on any internet enabled device (Roku, Apple TV, Smart TV, Phone App, Computer etc.) which means that after you finish MBF and MBFA  you can choose any other program for free, you get a year access -$170/value
  3. Equipment: BOD Rope + Shaker Cup-$40/value
  4. Nutrition: Lifetime access to our 2B mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition course on a custom app + color coded containers and food tracker to get you started-$240/value
  5. Supplements: Shakeology loaded with over 70 fruits, veggies and superfoods to replace a meal or snack OR Performance Line which is our pre and post workout supplements to optimize workout results-$130/value

What is the cost?The value of everything above if you bought each piece is $580 but the pack is $160, it’s sort of insane. If you already have On Demand you can get all of this for $130.?
PLUS you can get a coach account?for FREE ($40 value) and get 25% off all orders going forward (lots of people join us just for the discount) + get in Megan’s personal challenge group.

Ready to get started just fill out an application and lets chat! The best part is that it’s ALL virtual!