I am a former binge eater, I was a diet pill addict, and I have struggled with weight my entire life. And you know the past 3 and half years or so I have been living this healthy lifestyle.

My friends often know?that I am living this healthy lifestyle. But because we are being pretty strict with this meal plan for the next 3 weeks and I really want to support my husband since he is following it for fat loss and weight loss and kind of getting clean and cut up especially with these amazing new 25 minutes workouts.

I always get nervous when we are sticking to a plan and I have to tell people that. We were talking about like having dinner at a friends and I said, “You know I have this awesome steak that we bought. We have tons of it and we can bring that. And we are following this new meal.” And I know that it sounds like really a simple thing to like obviously it does just like tell your friends, you are following a meal plan. Not a big deal.

But for me, it is a big deal because I have never been able to really like?say?that to people. I have always been like embarrassed. To say like “I am trying to eat healthy.” And they were totally like cool and understanding, obviously. And they were like, “Okay what are you eating?” I am like, “We can do veggies, and potatoes maybe as a side, and fruit as a dessert.” And it?felt?like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Because you don’t have to like awkwardly eat whatever they are serving even though it is not what you should be eating. You don’t have to feel guilty about having a treat meal because you are not having one.

And we have this amazing meal and wonderful time with our friends. Even though we didn’t gorge?ourself?on like crappy food and chips and dessert and all this crazy stuff. We had amazing grilled steak. We had an oil and capers based potato salad. Awesome. And we have roasted broccoli, and we enjoyed each?other’s?conversation. It didn’t matter that we weren’t having like crappy food.

So I just wanted to share that with you because I think it is something a lot of people struggle with and I have struggled?with the past?over 3 years to say like “Hey I am living this healthy lifestyle. I don’t want to?eath?that.” And you know I am not saying that I am perfect to 100% at the time. This is a HUGE NSV for me


My Huge NSV!