It’s a New Year and while I am not into being a “New You” I am into being a “Better You” because as good or as bad as 2015 was for you, there is ALWAYS room to make 2016 better.

So this year I am challenging myself to drink my Superfoods all 366 days. Thanks to Shakeology I am off my multivitamin, my probiotics and my stomach medication (I will spare you the details on that one :P).

I replace one meal or snack a day with Shakeology. I eat, trust me! I even eat more than I used to because I’m eating whole, healthy foods & not prepackaged, processed {crud}. Am I saying a shake a day is the sole reason I’ve been able to lose weight or get fit? Not even for a minute but fueling my body with the RIGHT foods & the RIGHT nutrients gives me energy to get my workout in, curbs my cravings & aids in digestion. The investment for me is worth it, I only have one body & it does a LOT these days.?

So over the next 366 days I will be sharing a lot about the 70 Fruits, Veggies and Superfoods in Shakeology and what they can do for your body as well as fun recipes that I have been trying.

Cheers to Day 1!