Like every new mom I registered for 1001 things and didn’t need half of them but I do have a list of new mom MUST HAVES that we could not function without.

1.Snuggle Me Bassinet Mattress:?

My baby literally DID NOT sleep her first 36 hours of life and really struggled the whole 5 nights we were in the hospital but she sleeps in 2-4 hour stretches in the bassinet with this mattress a night! We are OBSESSED

2. Baby Shusher:?

This IS AMAZING, another awesome sleep tool that seems to calm her down even when she is at her fussiest and is small and easy to use!

3. My Breast Friend:?

We have been struggling with breast feeding, like many women, and this just makes it so there is ONE LESS thing I need to worry about with her positioning. It is comfy for both of us. I know her position is not an issue with this and it’s hands free. We also have a boppy but I find it slips a lot and was harder for me to keep her close.

4. Velcro Swaddlers:?

We tried to learn in the hospital how to swaddle but they were never as well done as the nurses. These make swaddling easy and are easy to take on and off. They are also super soft!

5. Hand Free Pumping:?

I have to pump a lot as we are supplementing breast milk bottles. I am literally pumping as I type this, it allows me to be 100% hands free and get a few things done for the 15 mins I am pumping, I LOVE IT

6. Ergo Baby and Infant Insert:? Insert:?

Our stroller is nice but this is KEY to happy walked. My baby falls RIGHT asleep in it. It is SUPER comfy to wear and easy to put on. I also feel very secure. I know there are wrap ones and such but I did not feel as secure in those and I like the structure of the Ergo Baby! I HIGHLY recommend it and don’t forget the infant insert for new babes!

I love the ergo baby with infant insert