Own your own business with no minimums and no inventory? Too good to be true?

Today we’re going to talk about how Beachbody works. Everyone wants to know if there are any minimums or inventory, on hand, that you are required to keep on a monthly basis. Truth be told, I don’t know how every other network marketing companies work, but I DO know how Beachbody works and here is the good news: We have NO minimums and NO inventory that you are required to keep on hand.

No minimums no inventory

The only inventory I need to keep on hand is what I use myself. Yum!

We are not required to purchase or sell any amount on a monthly basis. What you will be required is to pay a website maintenance and customer support and inventory fee. So every single month, as a coach, ?I pay $15.95. (That’s less than most people spend of coffee during a week!) What that fee gives me is my inventory. This means that anything that my customers purchase gets shipped out directly from the warehouse. There is no middle man (or woman) meaning, I don’t have to purchase these items and them get them to my customer. This is a huge step and ensures my customer gets that they need quickly.

My $15.95 fee also includes the maintenance for the three (yes three!) websites that Beachbody gives me.

  1. My Shakeology Website
  2. My General Website
  3. My Ultimate Reset Website *

You can see what my website looks like here:?http://www.teambeachbody.com/jilliankaplan

So…is it too good to be true? Check out my video to find out. (hint: this is the real deal) 🙂



*If you want to lean more about this, send me a message. This is amazing 21 day plan that Beachbody offers to give you a jump start to healthy eating and working out.