I?m going to give you my tips for getting people to respond to your messages and teach you why no one is responding to your messages. So, I hear a lot from people that they?re sending all these messages and they?re getting crickets. Either people aren?t reading them at all, or they?re reading them and you can see they?re reading them, and they?re not responding. So, the first thing I?m going to ask you is, is your message personal?
So, if you are sending someone a message, don?t say things like “Hey Hun, Hey Girl, Hey There. The simplest thing you can do is take the five seconds and put their name in there. And if they?re like from Instagram or Snapchat and their full name isn?t listed, then you can say, like, hey, hon, hey, girl, hey there. But if on Facebook, obviously their name is there and sometimes even on Instagram when you go and send a direct message, their name is there. So, be sure to use their name.picThe other thing about personalized messages is that, especially on Facebook, if you send the same message to a bunch of different people, Facebook is going to consider it as spam. And you can actually get in trouble for that. They can suspend your messaging account, which is obviously a huge issue if you?re an entrepreneur. So you want to make sure that you are personalizing your message to the person, right? You don?t want to just send five messages that all the exact same thing, because it makes the person feel like the message isn?t personal. And it could get you in trouble with Facebook.
So, how many of you have gotten a message from someone that?s clearly spamming, right? don’t be a spammer and?heck out my full video here for the rest of my tips: