I got a couple of people who asked to see the results of?#nocheatsfor3weeks?and I posted them in?honor of #transformationtuesday. I thought it might be nice to share on my blog too.

This post makes me super nervous but if I can inspire ONE person to start their fitness journey then it will be worth it! So I struggled the most the first 5 days, I was cravings carbs and I followed a 21 day fix meal plan which limited me to 2 carb servings. I tried to make those complex carbs such as sweet potatoes and rice. After those first 5 days were over, I actually struggled to get in 2 carb servings, which was so weird. However, I felt like I was craving fruit more. I really felt AMAZING week 2, fit and energetic. And I felt great week 3 too but honestly by the end of week 3 I wanted a few adult beverages So excited I decided to do this and I can?t wait to give it a shot again!

So what is 21 Day Fix?

The 21 Day Fix Combines Everything You Need to Create a New Lifestyle

And all of that requires no guesswork, no counting and no hassles. It?s about simple portion control and a 30-minute workout daily. It?s really as simple as that, which means it can easily fit into the busiest of lifestyles and become a healthy habit. It is not a diet ? it is a lifestyle habit.

No Measuring or Counting.


21 Day Fix Containers


21 Day Fix has the cutest color-coded portion control containers that delivers the correct portions, making it easy to get the right amount of protein, carbs and even fats as you need. All you do is to fill them with as much food as you want. As long as it fits, it?s yours to enjoy. And the included Shakeology shaker cup measures your drinks/liquids!Results:
-5 inches
-no muffin top in my skinny jeans that didn’t even fit before
-more energy
-abs are coming in?#absaremadeinthekitchenPS I am starting a TOTALLY free #nocheatsfor3weeks group on March 29th. I will provide the meal plan or you can follow your own eating plan. To join us comment below with your email, message me or email me at FitResQ@gmail.com