Is it OK to Modify your Workouts?

I want to talk to you about modifying your workouts. So this week we are running a 14 day totally free trial to our Beachbody On-Demand service, which is basically every single program Beachbody has ever put out from ?like the original P90X all the way to the brand new Core De Force, YouV2 and Shift Shop.

There are definitely different fitness levels in our group and we provided a 14 days calendar for what to follow so you can tryout a lot of the different programs.

Some people are brand new to fitness, they have never worked out before, and some people are super advanced. I am 6 months pregnant and I had to modify almost every single move of my workout today. But I am going to tell you something about modifying: if you modify the entire workout that means you did the entire workout, right? So I much rather have you modify and finish then not modify and not be able to finish or feel defeated or something like that.

So the other thing about modifying is that it prevents injury, right? So if you are brand new and you can’t hold form in the non-modified move you should definitely modify in order to be able to keep your form that is so, so, so important. And if you have ever modified and moved in a workout then drop a 1 into the comments. And if you have never modified and you are like I just go full out, drop a 2 into the comments, because I always curious.

I definitely used to be one of those people that thought it was like wimpy in cop out to modify. But I have learned that I have had injuries, I have a torn in left shoulder, I have had that horrible accident 9 months ago, where I shattered my pelvis, and I have learned that if I didn’t modify I wouldn’t be able to do anything and I wouldn’t never be able to work up to not modifying, right? So I want you to feel good if you modify a whole workout because that means you did a whole work out, so I want you to be super proud of yourself.

There is ALWAYS a modifier. So there is always something you can do in order to finish the workout and not hurt yourself and get strong enough to maybe not be able to modify. ?We talk about non-scale victories all the time! ?I think a big non-scale victory for me is I always did pushups on my knees because I couldn’t do that on my feet. I wasn’t strong enough and like I said I have a torn left labrum. So SOMEDAY I will be able to do ALL my pushups on my toes! But now I modify as needed!

Me and my workout buddy!