You ready for an online bootcamp?

Most gyms aren’t open right now and even if they are, you probably don’t want to go. Not only is social distancing difficult in a gym but people are breathing heavy and sweating all over the equipment. I can also guarantee the 5 second wipe down that most people do after finishing with a machine doesn’t clean properly for someone else to use.

And classes? Forget about it! If it’s a good class you are packed into the room and pretty much shoulder to shoulder.

I have been running online bootcamps with for my clients for 5+ years so I am a pro at it. People thought it was silly at first but the results speak for themselves!

Right now I am offering access to ALL of my workout program, that is 40+ programs for less than the cost of Amazon Prime. You get an ENTIRE YEAR of access + me as your coach and my online bootcamp for $99 with no home direct order. $99 and THAT IS IT! If you aren’t ready for a year commitment, I have 2 week free trials, 3 month and 6 month plans as well.

And no equipment at home? No problem! I have lots of equipment available. OR you can choose one of the many programs that doesn’t require equipment.

I have programs for:

  1. People who have never worked out before
  2. Advanced athletes
  3. Injuries
  4. No equipment
  5. Kids
  6. Pre-natal
  7. Post-natal
  8. Yogis
  9. Runners
  10. Cardio lovers
  11. Cardio haters
  12. People who only have 20 mins to workout
  13. And everything in between

I have been an online health and fitness coach for 5+ years and I have lost 60 lbs myself and kept it off. I am a pro at helping people virtually and I can help you to! Ready to get started? Fill out this application and let’s chat about next steps for you!