Do you run into Price Objections with your customers and clients?

Price Objections are actually my favorite objections that I come across when I am talking about Beachbody products. Favorite Objection? (lol) Yes! ?It’s because, to be honest, I consider myself to be a thrifty shopper. I want to know that I am getting a value for my dollar (Doesn’t everyone?)?Let’s talk about the best ways to help others see the true value in what you’re offering.

When I first started looking into Beachbody, I did a lot of Googling to find facts to support whether this opportunity was really worth it. I am always one to do my own research on anything I am interested in. What I found was IT IS REALLY WORTH IT. To build a business, I needed to ask how to do I convey that to my customers and here is my answer:

You tell me what sounds better:

  • “This month 21 Day fix and Shakeology is $140.”

They have no real idea what that means! They might not know what the 21 Day Fix is. They may not know what Shakeology is. All they hear is $140, which is a large sum of money. BUT if you say to them, “Here are all of the awesome things you get if you sign up this month” and you list the benefits.

  • You can get a meal plan
  • Portion control containers, so you know what to eat and when
  • 30 minute at home work-out DVD’s
  • Plus an extra bonus work out from me (your coach)
  • Private online support groups
  • One on one support from me (your coach)
  • 30 days of my favorite super food meal replacement shake- which comes in a variety of delicious flavors

Which option sounds like a better value? Of course, the second one even though they are the exact same thing! Price Objections come when people only hear a dollar amount. Your job is to show them that the dollar amount they are spending is well worth it!

Price Objections? no way!

You don’t HAVE to wear a giant box of Shakeology to overcome price objections, But I’m sure people would remember you, if you did 🙂

Want to hear more ways to overcome price objections? Check out the rest of my video?