Is the Performance Line really endorsed by Ironman?!

I have had a lot of questions about our Performance Line and what it is.?It’s been around about a year now but I think a lot of people haven’t used to it so they don’t know what it is. And I know a lot of you guys are Shakeology users like myself.

So, and it not just for guys; so, I just want to preface that. I use the Performance Line. My husband uses the Performance Line. There are 5 products. I use 4 of them here. I do not use the 5th one and I will share with you why I do not use the 5th one.

Energize-So, this first product I use every single day and it is a pre-workout it is called Energize. And it is “Improves intense exercise performances, increases energy endurance, sharpen focus and reaction time.”

Hydrate-Then we have the Citrus Hydrate. And this is during the workout. Scientifically formulated to support hydration or exercise, replace electrolytes loss during exercise and fuel working muscles and improve endurance.”

Recover-Then comes my favorite, Beach Body Performance Recover. Recover is your post workout drink and helped with muscle soreness and recovery.

Recharge-I also really like this one. it support overnight muscle recovery, combat?exercise?and induce muscle soreness” so that similar to recover but more of an overnight effect. It helps lean?muscle?synthesis breakdown and reduce muscle breakdown.

Creatine-I don’t use this because honestly for women it’s not needed but if you are trying to build muscle, I would recommend it!

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