Perseverance: Keeping a positive mindset has helped my recovery

I want to share the power of perseverance.?I have not blogged about this just yet but have shared openly on my social media about my accident.

7.5 weeks ago I was walking my dog before work, we were crossing a crosswalk at about 8am and I was hit by a car at full speed. I do not remember the accident. I was rushed to a hospital with a Trauma unit where I underwent emergency brain surgery to save my life. I also broke my sternum, sacrum and shattered my face and pelvis.

I had a surgery to place an external fixator in my pelvis (which I still have) to keep it in place so the bone can heal. I spent 6 weeks bed and wheelchair bound. In the past week and a half I am finally able to crutch around, shower and have some sense of normalcy.

It’s hard to look in the mirror right now and see everything I’ve worked for fading away. I have not gained weight due to good nutrition but it’s hard to see my strong body turn a little weak. My legs are jiggly, my arms are flabby and my abs don’t exist. I have a half shaved head and scars all over. And honestly my butt cheeks are uneven since I can only put full?weight on my left leg??
I could use it as an excuse to hate the way I look. But I have decided to embrace this journey and take on the challenge to slowly get BETTER than I was before this accident.

Love what you see in the mirror. We all have to start somewhere and I am confident that together the only way to go from here is up???

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The picture on the left was a week after my accident, the picture on the right was 4 weeks later. The facial paralysis has subsided and I am feeling much more like myself