Let’s do this! New Moms know what I am talking about, you are just trying to get through the beginning of being home with your little one. You are sleeping, eating and functioning as you can and it’s SO HARD.

The first two weeks have just been survival mode for me, and my husband, and the baby. I have been eating whatever I can and whenever I can. I KNEW I needed to get back on track with my nutrition! I feel SO much better when I eat right! That does NOT mean that I am going to be eating kale and drinking water. It means I need to stop eating Doritos and chocolate and calling it dinner. Ya feel me?

I am going to be making sure that I am eating enough to keep up with my breastfeeding because I need to feed my baby. They say you burn 300-400 extra calories by breastfeeding so it’s SO important you fuel your body right to keep up with that calorie burn. I need to be eating whole-foods like proteins, healthy carbs, yogurts, fruits, healthy fats etc.

80% of weight loss comes from what you eat. So I can definitely get back on track even if you can’t workout!

I always say: Don’t count your calories, make your calories count. I am going to be eating whole foods in the right portions, the right amounts of carbs, fats, proteins, fruits, vegetables, all coming together to make it so that I have a healthy lifelong journey. Because it is really isn’t about a quick fix. And if you want a quick fix or you want a pill or you want to wrap yourself, I always tell people don’t come to me. I can’t help you with that. What I can help you with is changing your habits and creating a lifelong healthy fit life.

We have to start somewhere!