When I first started my postpartum weight loss journey I was certain the weight would just fall right off. I was breastfeeding PLUS I had been active my whole pregnancy, ate relatively healthy and disappointed my husband by only sending him on one late night KFC run during the 9 months????#truestory.

I know you are shocked, but it didn’t!

I was determined to be one of the those girls that people looked at and said ‘wow I can’t believe you just had a baby.’ But guess what? that didn’t happen? And in total honestly, I was really frustrated.

The baby was out but the weight stayed. Everyone kept saying ?it took 9 months to gain it, give it 9 months to come off? but 9 months postpartum I was still 20 lbs over?where I started. I was working out, I was eating healthy and I was doing ALL THE THINGS.

I lived my life in quick fixes and diet pills, maybe that would have worked short term, I knew it wasn?t my solution. I knew that even though I was feeling desperate that I just COULDN’T go back to that! I have struggled with my weight my entire life, I am not someone who loses weight easily but maybe that’s part of my journey?

So I made a decision to love my body, through all the stages. It?s not always easy but I was tired of waiting on the weight. Even 2 years later, I weigh more than I did before I had Michelle. But I cannot live my life beating myself up over a few lbs, instead I am choosing to be happy. I know that health is a JOURNEY and it’s not a destination, I will always have goals to work towards. Even when I hit my goal weight, I will want more.

Yes, I help people get fit and live a healthy life. Weight loss is certainly a part of that but it?s not everything.

Happy and healthy ??

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