I want to share with you a little bit about our Power Hour, which is something we talk about because a lot of people say, “Jeez, I don’t have the time to do this.” And I know how you feel it because?I FELT THE EXACT SAME WAY.?I am an animal advocate. I am a wife. I am a fur-momma. I am a mom-to-be very shortly. And I work a full time job at Fortune 10 company. I have high pressure job that I enjoy. It challenges me mentally.

And when I first started I thought to myself, “Oh my goodness! I just don’t have time for this.” But really it is about prioritizing and we have a super simple system called a Power Hour. You can sit down for an hour just like head down and work or you can do like power pockets like take 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, and between things and work through things.

What does your Power Hour Consist of? Everyone is a little different but this is the basics of mine

-Adding to your network

-Connecting and Inviting people to join you

-Posting on social media

-Personal development

-Recognizing your challengers and teammates

-Following up and returning messages

We have a super simple formula for how to do your Power Hour, you can use whatever checklist you want and really it is how you move your business forward.

I have?been able to build a secondary full time income with this system while I work full time, because I am very focused and driven during my Power Hour to get this stuff done. So you don’t have to sit down and work 40-50 hours a week on this. Although you certainly can and you will build a massive business that way. Really you can sit down and work in an hour a day a very, very focused work on this and builds an amazing, amazing business.

I?will definitely teach you how to do that, how I do my power hour. I am an open book, so I share all of that information with you, all of the business building?activities. We will talk about how to kind of like get rid of the stuff that’s not important and not going to move your business?forward and really focusing?on the activities every day that are going to move your business?forward so that you can really thrive and be an amazing coach and help a ton of people. So if you are feeling like: “Oh my goodness! I have just don’t have the time.” I just want to say I was in those same shoes and I thought I could never do this. But really what I really learned is about being focused. It is about being driven. It is about what you do with your time and being intentional and learning?these simple power hour activities, checking off some boxes, and moving your business?in a short amount of time.

So you are concerned?is certainly like validated. Don’t feel like: “Oh my goodness! Well, I can’t do this.” Because you can. And I promise you can. And I am more than happy to teach you how I did it!

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I am a #GIRLBOSS and proud of it!