Pregnancy MUST HAVES for a Mom To Be! I have tried it all so you don’t have to, I always thought that more expensive meant better but this stuff is all super reasonable and it’s the best of the best!

??These are a few of my favorite things ??

I get asked all the time how I have felt so decent through this pregnancy especially since my pelvis was shattered to pieces a year ago. A lot of it is being able to keep up with my fitness but I do have some fave products I’ve been using!

I put together this little collection of my favorite 4 go to products. If you are a Mom or going to be a Mom, you want these PLUS they are budget friendly!

1. My foam roller, I use this every day to self massage and stretch out my back and legs. It’s seriously amazing and keeps everything feeling good

2. Some of you may know I suffer from IBS (I don’t talk about it a lot because it’s embarrassing) but pregnancy tends to make it worse. This little all natural digestive boost keeps me regular and feeling good ?

3. This oil is amazing, my friend sent me the initial bottle and I’ve ordered more on my own. I am very prone to stretch marks and cellulite. I have a ton from when I was heavier and 9 months pregnant and I have ZERO so far. Not counting my chickens before they hatch but I’m pretty impressed so far.

4. These pants ARE LIFE! I have them in a bunch of colors and they are perfect for support without feeling like you are being suffocated plus THE PRICE IS RIGHT! And they feel just like lululemon

New Mom…You can thank me later!