I have been making an effort to work on Personal Development. Most of it has been done by listening to speakers on calls talk about issues we face and how to overcome them.

I also picked up a few books I have been reading, the first of which is called Go Pro and I love it! The author is truly gifted and I believe I?am?learning from his skills.?Although, his business was pre-Internet. For example, he talks about sending out cassette?tapes to prospective?customers, I don’t even think I could find a?cassette. So part of?what I am doing is taking his old school methods and applying them to today.

Last week I got sent to my Corporate Headquarters to attend a conference on Diversity and Inclusion. The highlight of the trip was the Keynote Speaker, Vernice ‘Flygirl’ Armour. She was the MOST amazing speaker I have ever seen. She talked about giving you “Permission to Engage” and looking at your obstacles as opportunities because the truth is everyone has obstacles. Her delivery was extraordinary and I am truly inspired. You should check her out: http://vernicearmour.com/

I am SO ready for some big challenges that are coming my way in the next few months. And I am CLEARED HOT to be the best I can be!

Permission to Engage