Price Objections: How to deal!?

It may sound odd, but talking with customers about their price objections is actually one of my favorite obstacles to overcome with them. To be honest, I am consider myself a thrifty person myself. I want to know that I am ?getting a value for the my dollar.

When I first started looking into Beachbody as a company, I did a ton of research. I did a ton of googling on my own because I wanted to find out “Is this really worth it?”. ?After comparing other companies and learning as much as I could, I found that IT IS really worth me investing my time and energy into this company. So when the time came, I needed to know how to convey this value to MY customers.

I think the best way to answer this is to talk about what we all say to our customers. If you say “Hey, this month, the 21-Day Fix and Shakeology is $140 dollars”, they really have NO idea what that means. They don’t know what 21 Day Fix is. They don’t know what Shakeology is. They just hear you say one hundred and forty dollars (which is good size chunk of change to most people). Hence where the price objections come up. Let’s see if phrasing it a different way sounds better “Did you know you can get a meal plan, portion control containers (so you know which foods to eat and when), 30 minute at home work outs, plus an extra bonus work our from me (your coach), plus entrance into our private challenge group with support and one on one support with me, AND 30 days of my favorite superfood meal replacement shake.” If you were considering learning more and want to get the best bang for your buck, which option would you choose? I know the it sounds like you are getting WAY more with the 2nd statement.

Price objections can be tough, but I have several tools for you to be able to present your products that show them for the amazing values that they are. Want to learn more?? as always, if you have any questions or suggestions be sure to comment or email me at

Price Objections

Be sure to let you customers know what your favorite product is: Shakeology. YUM