I am officially announcing #projectlevis. It is something I have thought about for a while. I have been letting the scale control me and I am actually launching a BRAND NEW program in 2018 based around food and mindset but while the finishing touches are being put on that, I am excited to launch this in the mean time.

After 10 weeks of being frustrated by the scale I decided I?m stepping off and I?m D-O-N-E with it and that?s when I thought of #projectlevis, my brand new project that I have been working on! I?m giving my #postpartum body some grace and loving on myself for what my body just did

I was shopping last weekend and purchased a pair of ?interim? pair of jeans to wear while I worked to get into my pre pregnancy jeans. They are pretty snug, like they barely zipper but I decided they are my first goal jeans and #projectlevis was born.

I am looking for 10 women who are ready to throw away the scale and measure on how they feel and how their clothes fit. Maybe you are #projectpinkskirt or #projectredbikini. You know there is probably that one item of clothing that makes you feel so good when you can slip it on and look smoking??You MUST commit to stepping off the scale for 30 days and basing your progress on how you feel in your goal piece of clothing. I know how HARD this sounds, it was hard for me to decide to commit. BUT I know mentally it is the best thing for me and is going to make my results that much BETTER!

So if you?re ready to throw away the scale with me and FEEL GOOD, just fill out an application here and let’s DO THIS

My goal levis!