Definitely a top question I get from most people interested in coaching: Do you provide training when I become a coach? Or am I on my own?

I am going to talk to you about training and what we offer for training. So a lot of people are like: “I have no idea where to start. I have no idea what to do. I don’t have a big network. I don’t know to use social media. I am not good in-person.” Totally valid. I felt the exact same way. I had 100 friends on Facebook. I didn’t have Instagram. I didn’t have Pinterest. I didn’t have YouTube. I had NO other social media networks. And I thought to myself: “How the heck I am going to grow an online business?”

And the amazing thing is that we are a company that collaborates and we have tons and tons of new coach training, and I will tell you… and if you decide to join us you will probably say to me: “Oh my goodness! Jillian I don’t need any more training. You were right. I have so much training.” But I break it down super simple. So I send every single coach a new coach welcome email that goes over the basics of how to get your business started. And also give you access to all of my Google documents which is like where I keep my brain – all of my template from my challenge groups, all of my template for my clean eating groups, my meal plans, my recipes, everything you would ever need is in there so that you have access to everything that I use and you don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel or spend your time doing that. You can put your personal touch on it and make it your amazing group, amazing challenge, amazing training whatever it is you are actually using.

Additionally, after I send that new coach welcome email, I run all of my coaches through a 21 day training. And the training is done two different way however you are most comfortable. There is a training that is self-paced let’s say just go online and do the training at your own pace. There is 21 lessons so you can do it in a day straight through or 2 days or 5 days or you can take 2 months and you can do a lesson every 3 days. That’s fine too.

I also offer a daily training so it is a same content as the self-paced training, but it goes through and does one subject a day. So if you need like that accountability and be like: “Okay, this is the post for today. This is the training for today”, I recommend that one. But everyone is different, so I offer it both ways.

And then you will have access to our Coaches Only Group, which is a group for just coaches on the team to ask questions, get support, get training. We do monthly team calls. We have guest speakers and guest content, so you can talk about the new and upcoming things in Beachbody. We talk about adding to your team. We talk about challenge groups. We talk about mindset whatever the topic is for that month. So you have all of this available training to you.

Not only do I provide training BUT I provide you coaches where you get volume, which ends up meaning income. This means if you choose to grow a team that you will benefit from these ‘free’ coaches and their volume. So as my team grows, your team will grow. Cool, right?

You also get me pretty much 24/7 as your support, as your coach, as someone to ask questions to and I will be there to support you in your business. But I will also be there to support you in your fitness, so you are welcome to join my challenge groups or welcome to add your challengers to my challenge groups as long as you are active in them. That’s the only thing I ask people, if you want to join my challenge group as a customer, please. If you want to start adding customers, I just ask that you are personally active with them, because your customers join for you and not for me. But I set up all the groups for you; I have everything ready to go and all you need to do is join. So there are tons and tons of support. I promise you will not be alone in this, and I totally understand I felt the same way. The reality is no one goes to school for Beachbody coaching. There is no degree in it. So we all just have to learn together and we share tons and tons of information.

So if you have any questions about that, feel free to ask them, but I promise the training you receive is top-notch. And if you invest in it, you will see massive growth in your business. To learn more about coaching fill out an application here

Why not you?