I didn’t choose the pump life, the pump life chose me…so what are my pumping mama essentials…

Seriously, I tried to breastfeed and went to 1001 lactation consultants. My daughter has a good latch, wasn’t painful but she wasn’t getting any milk and was ALWAYS pissed off. It turned out she has a undiagnosed lip and tongue tie and we went 5+ weeks not knowing. By the time it was discovered and we got it fixed, she really didn’t think of the boob as a source of food. It was just comfort and she would nurse and pass out. SO, I started pumping. I pumped a bit during the first 5 weeks but after I realized it was our future I had to do it consistently.

Because she wasn’t transferring and I wasn’t pumping consistently, my supply TANKED! If you want to see how I got it up, check out this blog post?

I have it down to a science now and these are the things I couldn’t live without. Yep, this stuff isn’t super cheap BUT it’s WAAAAY cheaper than formula and you can give your little milk even if you can’t breastfeed for whatever reason

  1. Freemies, these are AMAZING and allow me to pump anywhere, I do it a lot in the car which is awesome. I just set up before I leave the driveway

You look like Dolly Parton but they get the job done

2. Hands Free Bra I can sit and do wok, feed my daughter, play on my phone whatever and not feed totally trapped, similar to Freemies but I use them for home

I love the Medela one and you can use it with any pump

3. Battery Pack, are you noticing a theme? LOL I like to be ON THE GO and I don’t always have time to sit and pump for 20-30 minutes OR if you just want to pump in the car grab this car adapter, I have both 🙂

4. A pump bag. I actually have two pumps one I keep in my pump bag and in the car and one I keep inside. When you have to pump 6+ times a day you have to fit it in when you can

Get something functional and cute

5. Good storage bags, Kiinde is my FAVE system because you can pump into them, feed directly from them and it makes LIFE EASY!

If you prefer just a regular bag, I like parents choice?

I love this system!