Here are the Top 5 Reasons You Should Quit Beachbody Coaching!

  1. You hate helping people

So the first reason is: You hate helping people. You have no desire to physically get in shape yourself. You have no desire to help other in get in shape. You have no desire to better yourself personally, physically, mentally, and really help yourself and other people. If you have no desire to do that, you should definitely quit coaching or not be a coach.

Beachbody has come a very long way – even in the past 3 years that I have been a coach – and they have introduced the all access challenge pack, which is a performance line, plus our portion fixed containers, plus amount of Shakeology, plus every program Beachbody has ever launched for the price of what it used to be to get 1 program on DVD plus the containers plus Shakeology. And this pack, yes, it has like definitely made it so you don’t have to buy as much stuff. I will tell you I have years? worth of programs from needing to physically purchase DVDs, but it allows us as coaches to help people for the long term and TRULY HELP people, right? So when they finish 21-Days Fix they can move on to another program and it doesn’t cost them any money, they get this all access streaming for 1 low crazy, crazy, crazy low price. So if you don’t like helping people and you don’t like being able to pay it forward, then you should definitely, definitely quit coaching.

What this pack allows us to do is really help people in the long run, right? Like it doesn’t say: Okay, let’s do this for 21 days and then whatever we will see what happens to you. It says: Okay, we are going to do this for 21 days, and then we are going to do P90x3, and then we are going to do the brand new shift shop, and then we are going to do Core De Force and you have access to all of this and it cost NO EXTRA MONEY, which means you can afford to stay on Shakeology longer, which means you can afford to try our performance line, and you get a 10% discount on it, right? So how amazing is that.

A huge reason to quit Beachbody is because you hate helping people. And right now the company is offering this amazing solution for helping people. So if you hate helping people, definitely quit.

2. You are Looking for get-rich-quick scheme

You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. You want to make money quick, quick, quick, quick. If you want that you should quit Beachbody – no question. Because Beachbody is not a get-rich-quick scheme, they are an established company that has been around well before the coach network was ever around, right? You saw the P90X infomercials, Insanity infomercials all that stuff is still around AND that stuff is amazing free advertising for us as coaches. And did you know that every single person that purchases something from an infomercial or not through a coach actually get assigned a coach so they have someone to help them and their coach could actually get paid on their future orders. HOW AMAZING IS THAT! Right? So if you are looking for get-rich-quick, some sort of the newest fad whatever, this is not for you.?You want something that’s established, that’s long term, that’s creates a long term residual income, then this definitely is the opportunity for you. If you want short term, make money quick and get out, then quit.

3. ?You Don’t want support and backing from company?

If you don’t want support and you don’t want a company backing you, you should quit coaching. And I will tell you from personal experience. I had a horrible accident 9 months ago. I was hit crossing a crosswalk with my dog and I nearly lost my life. And Beachbody corporate flew someone out from Utah to see me and bring me gear so that I could recover in like comfy clothes, right? That to me is a company that cares. They don’t have to do that. They have no reason to do that. If you just want to be on your own and you want any company support, and you don’t want any sort of support like that, then I highly recommend that you quit Beachbody.

4. If you hate being part of team?

If you hate being part of the team, if you hate teamwork, you should definitely quit Beachbody. Beachbody is all about teamwork. It is about your up-line helping you, you helping your upline. It is a reciprocal relationship. As your upline team grows, your team grows. As your team grows, your upline team grows. It is a one way street, it is a not a pyramid scheme. It is definitely a give and take, which a lot of people don’t realize. So, if you don’t want to be a part of your team if you hate that team support then you should definitely quit Beachbody. If you just want to do something sort of on your own, then I recommend that you quit.

5. If you hate growth, expansion, and staying with times

And if you hate growth, and expansion, and staying with the times, you should quit Beachbody. So like I said earlier Beachbody has migrated all of their programs to digital streaming, which is the wave of the future. People are not using DVDs anymore. It is a way better value for our customer and honestly a way better value for us as coaches. To have all the stuff streaming and not have to buy new programs all the time is BETTER FOR EVERYONE. It allows us as coaches to help our customers much longer, because they stay with us much longer and are able to try new programs without having to purchase anything else, which is huge for them! That is something that I like all the time because if someone purchases a program and they are like ‘you know what I bought PiYo and it is just not for me. I want some more cardio.’ Previously, I have to be like well okay let’s buy different program. Now I can just be like: no problem. You know try Insanity Max 30 on demand and they are able to try it totally free. It doesn’t cost them any extra money.

Not to mention, we are expanding to the UK coming this Fall. So if you don’t like growth and expansion, if you want to stay stagnant, you should definitely quit Beachbody coaching. We currently servicing the US and Canada, and we are expanding to the UK this Fall. So we have a whole new market of people that need our help that want to get in shape, and I think it is really, really, really important that we realized that we are keeping up with the times, right?

What I think is really remarkable about that is that Beachbody was super successful before they had coaches. They had tons of infomercials. They sold millions and millions in product. They didn’t need coaches. But what they found was people were buying these products and they were doing like one workout and then they were giving up, because the workouts were hard. And they had no support. So by having the coaching network… yes Beachbody gave up a massive part of their income, but they truly care about people and they want to see them succeed and be lifers and they would rather give up that big part of their income and have the person succeed and complete a program and keep going. Rather than selling an P90X infomercial set for a $120 and do one workout and then never come back again. And that to me speaks as to who Beachbody is as a company.?So if you are not interested in helping people get long term results, and you are not interested in a company that really backing you with their marketing and their PR and their free advertising, then you should definitely quit.

So I wanted to address this because a lot of people have said to me: Well, who do you think would be a good coach? My answer is: Anyone who is willing to do these things and help people, and doesn’t want to get-rich-quick scheme and wants a company to back them and loves international expansion and loves digital expansion, and loves keeping up with the times and the free advertising that is people that would be good at coaching. If you don’t like those things, you should quit and you should definitely not be a coach.

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