Most of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram know that I was able to realize my dreams about a month ago and bring in a litter of puppies with their nursing Momma. Momma Mary came into rescue about 6 weeks ago when we had NO idea she was pregnant and pulled her from a high kill shelter in North Carolina. While we were in the process of pulling her and her brother/baby daddy/possibly both and she started to give birth. All of a sudden our 2 dogs turned to 6 and the adventure started. I have coordinated for many litters of puppies and I know the drill from afar but always dreamed of being in the middle of the action.

Mary went to a foster in TN where she was for about 2 weeks but her puppies were beginning to get active and their eyes started to open, that’s when I came into play 🙂 I got a call Friday morning asking me if I would take a nursing Mom and pups, I was so excited (and nervous) that I immediately called my husband who said “Sure” and immediatey followed with “Do you think her nipples will be saggy?” For some reason my husband is totally freaked out by saggy nipples on dogs. I assured him that he nipples would be fine. And so the next morning I went to pick them up. Here we are on the first day back to the house.

They didn’t have their eyes open and could barely walk. They would be Momma Milk Drunk and sort of stumble around. Mom was still cleaning up after them and besides cleaning up pee pads and making sure everyone was eating/peeing/pooping it wasn’t super hard. By the second week with me, there was a little more activity and more the next. But they still loved to be cuddled and were perfectly happy sleeping, eating, peeing, pooping and running around for like 5 mins and then starting the cycle over.

And now here we are! With fat, rolly-polly, naughy puppies! They dig, they nip my clothes, they want to run around and they are PERFECT. The work load is massive but my heart is so full. I can’t believe they only have one more week with me. 4 little pieces of my heart will go. I love you guys