18 lbs in 8 weeks!

Are you ready to commit to yourself for 2 hours a week?

Trust me I TOTALLY understand how limited time is. I hate saying that I don’t have the time to do something because the truth is that we all HAVE time but?perhaps something isn’t a priority and that is OK to admit to ourselves.?
I started 80 Day?Obsession in January. I was 3 months?Postpartum and was told the recommendation is 6 months?Postpartum. The hour long workouts and the meal prep for 6-7?time meals a day wasn’t a?priority for me (that feels GOOD to say) so I quit. THANKFULLY, right after I made the?decision to quit I got a call from?corporate asking me to?participate in the 2B Mindset Test Group?but I had to quit 80 Day Obsession, good thing I already had 😉 You know me, always being?proactive.?
Anyway, I have dabbled in a few programs since then but I have been focusing on my?nutrition and seen AWESOME weight loss results but it’s time to STEP UP MY GAME so I am ready to commit toLIIFT4 for the next 8 weeks! AND we are doing a pre-launch for the FIRST TIME. That means if you have On Demand you will get it added to your?library in October BUT you can get?early access AND be in a tell group with Joel starting Monday :)?
What you can expect from this new program when you commit:
  • 30-40 minute work outs
  • 8 week program
  • follow a non-diet lifestyle eating plan
  • enjoy a treat meal every week
  • INSANE results
  • No Equipment? No problem! Resistance training with NO weights required, we will provide you with bands AND a?bandifier using a band for every move!?
I have 5 spots left in the test group with me! Wanna?snag one??Fill out an application and let’s do this!?