Today’s?vegetable is Broccoli. My husband does not like cold veggies we are always roasting up something fun!

I got a huge bag of pre-cut broccoli at BJ’s. Broccoli Florets eat smart at BJ’s.?I just pour the bag into a bowl and wash it. I am super lazy and have no desire to stand there and chop broccoli so I don’t.

And then I am gonna combine it with some chicken that was from a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, and saut? it with some cauliflower rice. Or if you like pasta you can do pasta and make pesto type of dish but I wanna roast the broccoli first; because, I like my broccoli a little bit crunchy.

So, I am just gonna use olive oil and just put some on. I use an Herb?Infused olive oil because I love it and I am just gonna dash it on the broccoli and mush it around.

And then I am gonna use Himalayan pink sea salt, my favorite kind of sea salt. A lot of added minerals are in Himalayan pink sea salt vs. other salts and I love salt. You can put as much or as little as you want to taste.

And then I am gonna use Italian Seasoning which has rosemary, sage oregano and basil. So that is, just olive oil, sea salt and italian seasoning.

And then I have that oven pre-heated to 350 and I am literally just gonna roast this for like 25 minutes. And like I said, you could just serve it as a side if you want it. I am gonna try and put it with some white meat chicken and some cauliflower rice and make like a pesto sort of dish. I am gonna attempt, basically just put it all together in a pan that chicken is already cooked and, obviously, the cauliflower doesn’t have to be cooked and broccoli will already be cooked.

So, you can use this for pretty much any veggie. My favs are broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts and I love green beans but I prefer green beans in the pan vs. the oven. And you can make a ton of this. So, if you have a big family or you are meal prepping make a ton of it. Don’t like just make for that night, right? Just have something healthy for grab-n-go and when you get super sick of salads. If you are using Portion Fix, this is a green.

Also if you have a favorite veggie recipe or you wanna see how to make a certain kind of veggies let me know and I am happy to share that with you in my next video.

Check out me making it!