Recruiting outside of your warm market can be a challenge for anyone in network marketing. So first, let’s define what is your?warm market:? Simply put- these are the people who already know you! These folks already know something about you. They are your friends or acquaintances with you, so they already know (at least ?a little bit) who you are as a person. People in this category tend to already believe in you and trust you, which is the basis of all good relationships. Sharing your journey with your warm market tends to be met with a good reception, because again, you already know these people.

Outside of your warm market, people really don’t know YOU. People in my warm market might know that I am a good, genuine, kind-hearted person who wants to share an amazing opportunity with others. The difference between the people who are in my warm market and people who have no idea who I am, tend to react very differently to me sharing about my coaching experiences. People who are outside of my warm market, tend to just automatically assume that they are being spammed or scammed. They don’t know me, and don’t know my motivation for reaching out to them.

So what do ?you do when you are recruiting outside of your warm market??

First things first, get to know people! You don’t want to be THAT person! You know the one I’m talking about, the one who sends someone a hundred messages asking them to buy a product, join your team, become a coach…People automatically tune out to that approach. Just as you want people to get to know you, YOU need to get to know your potential customers. Find out about what their specific needs, wants and goals are. This is the whole reason you are here, right? To help people, share an amazing opportunity and make your life and their lives better.

So, beside getting to know people, what are my other tips for reaching out to new people? Check out the rest of my video for more tips. ?

recruit outside of your warm market

Let people get to know you! Be yourself!